Sony Web UX

In 2016 I was asked to work on a project to help Sony’s UX team improve conversion across their global platform. This included the redesign of the whole navigation menu and improvement of gallery pages, transition pages, and other UX elements.

Key roles

  • Art Direction
  • UX design
  • UI design

The key focus was to improve conversion to purchase. To achieve this the team improved a number of elements, made the gallery tiles work harder and expanded the transition to retailer page and several smaller projects.

Transition page final designs

I was involved in all the aspects of the process, working with UX designers, Data Analysts and Business Analysts. The workflow started with initial UX explorations done with a design studio methodology, while the final desigs were created in using Sketch and handed over to the development team through Zeplin.

Gallery tile design and specifictions
Gallery tile design and specifictions
Logo exploration
Logo exploration

This work included icon design, menu redesign, navigation infrastructure such as sticky navigation headers and product tiles, up to guidelines to inform content creation for other agencies.

Throughout the process I am guardian of the brand guidelines and my role is to ensure that language and regional variations, including right to left languages are considered.

Module guideline documentation Module guideline documentation Module guideline documentation

Module guidelines document