I designed the website for illustrator and artist Silvia Bartoli. From the outset the objective was to provide an immersive experience and the challenge was to find a unified way to present a large and diverse body of works.

Key roles

  • Design
  • Flash Dev
Little Planet
Baobab and Pixie
Junkyard and Mech Dino
Atomic Monster
Heavy Breathing Pig
Shop at the end of the universe

The scrolling world idea was quite a common device at the time but what gave me the inspiration were the old point and click adventure games where the background would pan left and right showing different environments. Moreover to do the circular/infinite scroll was a challenge for my then fairly limited Actionscript skills.

The whole website was designed, illustrated and coded in a week and it was submitted as part of MayFirstReboot 2006 contest where it received an honorable mention. Later on it received the FWA site of the day award and it was featured on different web portals, and on the WebDesgining japanese magazine and the WebSites2 book by Zeixs Books.